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11231BBC86 Biological Safety Cabinet Features

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1. Using LCD Liquid Crystal Display

The LCD display (Liquid Crystal Display) has many small vertical and horizontal wires between the two pieces of glass. The rod-shaped crystal molecules can be controlled to change the direction by powering on or off, the light will be refracted to produce the picture. Low power consumption, no electromagnetic radiation. The service life can reach 100,000 hours.

Using LCD display technology, real-time display reflects the working conditions of the equipment, such as the effective state of the filter, which makes the operator more convenient.


2. Remote-control

    In order to solve the problem of inconvenience to users for short-distance operation, 11231BBC86 Biological Safety Cabinet is equipped with a special remote control. The remote controller is small in size and light in weight, and can flexibly control all functions of the Biological Safety Cabinet within a range of 6 meters from the front of the Biological Safety Cabinet at 30°C, so that the operator can carry and operate it. The remote-control adopts the special chip of NEC remote control of Japan, which has the characteristics of good anti-interference performance, long remote-control distance and high control precision.


3. Electric Glass Door Control

  The front glass doors and windows are electrically controlled, which can be controlled at will with the remote control, foot switch and panel touch buttons, without the user's direct touch the glass doors and windows. The glass door control motor is a special reversible speed regulating motor, which has the characteristics of large starting torque and stable rotation.

4. Appointment Timing Application

 11231BBC86 Biological Safety Cabinet is equipped with a special ultraviolet germicidal lamp. When it is turned on or off, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp needs to be irradiated for at least 30 minutes to achieve the sterilization effect. In order to solve the process of waiting for the startup or shutdown, the safety cabinet adds the unique appointment timing function can automatically turn on or turn off after sterilization. The set time range is 0-99 hours and 59 minutes, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the staff.

5. Structure

1). The left, right and rear chambers of the 11231BBC86 Biological Safety Cabinet are all negative pressure air ducts, so that the working area and the external environment form an air curtain and double-layer isolation of the box. At the same time, the working area is surrounded by negative pressure to ensure the product No leakage occurs.

2). The box body is made of 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate and the surface is electrostatic sprayed, which enhances the structural strength and makes the whole device more stable.

3). The work area and the inside of the device are stainless steel devices, beautiful and corrosion-resistant

4). The bracket is made of metal and the surface is electrostatic sprayed

5). The control panel adopts touch switches to make the machine beautiful in appearance and easy to operate

6. Warnings and Reminders

1). Super High Alarm for Glass Door

When the front window glass is too high, there will be a voice alarm, and the “图片3” on the LCD will be highlighted and flashing. At this time, you only need to adjust the height of the front window glass (the glass door opening height setting value is 200mm)

2). Filter Pressure Difference Alarm

If the equipment exhaust and supply air filter do not meet the specified requirements, a voice alarm will be issued, and the “图片3” on the LCD will be highlighted flashing, prompting the user to replace the filter immediately to protect the safety of the user.


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