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Air Purifiers: Health Guardian of the University of Ecuador

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Microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses are extremely easy to spread and breed in crowded rooms. In order to prevent the spread of germs, hospitals, museums, libraries, schools, offices and other public spaces all need filter systems to purify the air to achieve the effect of keeping the air clean in the space.

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Recently, in order to meet the local university's demand for clean air, after comparing various air protection products, the Ecuadorian customer chose to reach an agreement with BIOBASE Group and ordered more than 40 air protection products including air purifiers. The total amount exceeded $40,000. The air purifier uses the air filtration system to continuously purify the air in the external space through the air inlet, filter and air purification filter, and then put it back into the air to reduce the chance of indoor personnel infection. And then protect the lives, health and safety of teachers and students.

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At present, all these air purifiers have been shipped. Next, these products will be shipped to Ecuador by sea and put into use in local university to protect the lives and health of teachers and students. Of course, as the air purifier that uses HEPA filter recognized by the medical service, it can easily achieve dust-free and sterile protection effects in laboratories and sterile rooms with higher requirements for cleanliness.

12.6-12.12 Air Purifiers details

With its wide audience and competitive prices, BIOBASE air purifiers have been favored by many customers since they were launched on the market. It is hoped that through this product, BIOBASE will be able to develop more in-depth cooperation with Ecuadorian customers.


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