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Atomizing disinfection Robot BKS-Y-800

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With the growing strength of science and technology in China, artificial intelligence products are more and more close to People's Daily life. Our company also conforms to the development of the times, independent production and development of a variety of artificial intelligence products, today mainly for you to introduce the "Atomizing Robot BKS-Y-800".


It can quickly atomize the built-in 100mg/L hypochlorous acid disinfectant and spray it to the disinfected area automatically and evenly at the dosage of 5ml/m³,so as to effectively purify the air.Can be widely used in hospitals, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, factories and other public places.


The main features of "Atomizing robot BKS-Y-800" are as follows: * Support the use of disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and peracetic acid. *The large-capacity 16L disinfectant tank can continuously disinfect for more than 5~6 hours, and the disinfection coverage is up to 4000~5000. *Support app control, no-touch automated disinfection greatly improve the safety of use in the disinfection process. * Two disinfection modes: timed disinfection and immediate disinfection. * With autonomous navigation function, lidar obstacle avoidance, can fully cover the required area.

The following is the installation and operation of atomizing robot video, please watch patiently!


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