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Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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Your Health Condition Revealed by Your Blood

For example, to check kidney function, we measure and evaluate the concentration of substances such as urea nitrogen and creatinine in blood. If more than a certain concentration level is found in the blood, the doctor will probably tell you that "I'm a little woried about your kidney function". Urea is a final product that remains after protein, one of the major nutrients inside the body, is metabolized.

This urea is filtered by the kidney and excreted as urine under ordinary circumstances. However, if the kidney fails to work properly, the unfiltered urea remains in the blood, so the urea nitrogen level in blood becomes high. On the other hand, creatinine is a break-down product (final metabolite) which is prouced when muscles move, and this is also absorbed and excreted by the kidney. Therefore, if significant quantities of these substances exist in the blood, it can indicate the possibility that the function of the kidney has declined.

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For a healthy adult the upper limit for creatinine is 1.2mg (1.2g/1,000) in 100ml (1dl) of blood serum. If more than this quantity is detected, the kidney function is considered suspicious. This example is for the kidney. There are other indicators, such as for hepatic function using transaminase (AST or GOT, ALT or GPT), cholesterol, and bilirubin concentrations, and for diabetes using blood glucose (Glu) concentration ano diastatic hemoglobinA1C fraction percentage (indicated with %), and so on. The concentrations of various substances in the blood can tell us a great deal about the clinical state. Today's medicine requires this kind of test data to make accurate diagnoses. This area is called biochemical examination in clinical testing.

The Clinical Biochemistry Analyzer is an instrument that uses the pale yellow supernatant portion (serum) of centrifuged blood sample or a urine sample, and induces reactions using reagents to measure various components, such as sugar, cholesterol, protein, enzyme, etc. These tests are performed for routine health checks or at hospitals, and the results provide objective data enabling early detection and diagnosis of disease, as well as indicating the effects of treatment and patient prognosis.


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