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BIOBASE Disinfection Robots used in the Beijing Winter Olympics

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At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it is an important task to use technology to help the precise prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the safe operation of the competition. BIOBASE Atomizing Disinfection Robots, one of the "futuristic tech", is also involved. No protective clothing, no need for goggles, it is a brave and silent "disinfection and sterilization guard" who replaces human to against the COVID-19.

2.14-2.20 Disinfection Robot Details 1

"The role of the robot is to replace the human operation of deep UV equipment and implement surface disinfection or air disinfection in dangerous or potentially dangerous areas to reduce cross-infection and protect human health." Zhao Xiaoguang, a member of the Chinese Society of Automation and a researcher at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said.

2.14-2.20 Disinfection Robot Details 2

BIOBASE Atomizing Disinfection Robots can achieve autonomous navigation, walk autonomously to reach small areas, perform full-time and full-coverage disinfection, and ensure environmental safety. A single robot can cover a maximum of more than 1,000 square meters. At the same time, it also supports mobile APP control, so as to separate man and machine, reduce personnel contact, and greatly improve the safety of use.

2.14-2.20 Disinfection Robot Details 3

People's awareness of epidemic prevention and control has driven the application of atomizing disinfection robots in public places such as shopping malls, banks, and schools. Disinfection robots will also become a new "weapon" for epidemic prevention and control, providing more solutions for the current epidemic. When the time comes, it is also hope that these solutions can make the development of the epidemic develop in a better direction.


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