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BIOBASE Freezer - Upright -45°C to -86°C

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Compact, Affordable & Environmentally-Friendly


The lab upright freezers from BIOBASE cover a wide array of low temperatures, ranging from -45°C to -86°C. Conveniently compact in size, these freezers save valuable space in your lab without compromising in performance.



These upright freezers are a great alternative to general large upright freezers, which often have to be installed with breaking down a wall or taking out a window in the lab.


Available in multiple sizes, and at competitive prices, these lab freezers are based on a unique single stage compressor technology, which gives the user a seamless and economical low temperature solution.


The combination of good low freezer temperature ranges, low power consumption and very little maintenance make these upright freezers the perfect match to all the requirements and demands laboratories, hospitals and research institutions might have regarding cold storage.


Sustainability is a key factor of these freezers, as that the cyclopentane insulation used helps reduce the energy consumption. In addition to that, the LT models are offered with natural refrigerants R290 (Propane), the XLT and ULT models with Nature R, which is a patented natural refrigerant. Both are pure refrigerants free of toxic gases that could harm the environment, and they have no impact on ozone depletion.


All freezers are in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 OHSAS certification and standards, which guarantees reliable and consistent high quality; and also comply with RoHS Directive – meaning that they are totally free from lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE.


There are multiple accessories available for these upright freezers, like racks and boxes.


The quality is reliable, the delivery is rapid, and the after-sale is free of worry. BIOBASE LLC adheres to the customer - centric business philosophy and expects to establish a win-win partnership with the global customers.



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