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BIOBASE IVD "flagship" product: Auto Chemistry Analyzer BK-1200

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1As one of the most promising fields in the medical device industry, in vitro diagnosis (IVD) has always been recognized as the cornerstone of precision medicine and has attracted the attention of industry insiders.

BIOBASE keeps up with the development direction of the industry, and has never stopped innovating in the field of IVD.


Today we will introduce a new IVD product : Auto Chemistry Analyzer BK-1200.


The function of Auto Chemistry Analyzer BK-1200

The Auto Chemistry Analyzer BK-1200 is mainly to provide clinical biochemistry, clinical hematology, clinical immunology and other inspection items for laboratory medicine of hospitals at all levels. It can be used to test clinical biochemical indicators such as liver function, kidney function, blood lipid, diabetes, infection, rheumatic immunity, etc., and then provide important scientific basis for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. It is an essential monitoring equipment for hospitals.


Features of Auto Chemistry Analyzer BK-1200

1. Detection speed: 800 tests/hour for biochemistry, 1200 tests with optional electrolyte (ISE) module.

2. It has 150 sample positions and adopts, a double disc design for continuous sample injection, of which 60 are refrigerated sample positions.

3. With 180 reagent positions, it can analyze 90 items at the same time, and supports reagent bottles of various specifications.

4. It can work continuously for 24 hours, and the work efficiency is higher.


The automatic biochemical analyzer BK-1200 runs more smoothly and has higher detection accuracy, which is an important breakthrough in the field of in vitro diagnostics for BIOBASE. Since its inception, this product has appeared in many international exhibitions at home and abroad, and is now serving many laboratories and medical institutions, and has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.


IVD is an important source of clinical diagnostic information, which can provide important reference for doctors' treatment plans and medications, and plays a pivotal role in the fields of public health and disease prevention.


In the future, BIOBASE will continue to explore deeply in this field, and continuously launching higher quality products and services for the industry.9


The quality is reliable, the delivery is rapid, and the after-sale is free of worry. BIOBASE LLC adheres to the customer - centric business philosophy and expects to establish a win-win partnership with the global customers.



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