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BIOBASE Invites You To Meet at Arab Health 2024

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01The Arab Health 2024 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center on January 29. BIOBASE will also be invited to participate in this industry event, which is also BIOBASE’s first overseas exhibition in 2024.


About Arab Health

The Arab Health is a world-class professional medical exhibition with a large scale, complete exhibits and outstanding exhibition functions in the Middle East.

Since its first held in 1975, the exhibition planning, exhibitors and the number of visitors have been expanding year by year, and it has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and medical device agents in Middle Eastern countries.

In order to better serve local and surrounding customers, BIOBASE has established a branch in Dubai, actively exploring the Middle East market, and striving to expand BIOBASE's influence in the local area.


At the Arab Health 2024, BIOBASE will exhibit a number of popular products, such as A2 biosafety cabinet BSC-2FA2-HA, table top high speed refrigerated centrifuge BKC-TL16RE, auto hematology analyzer BK-3100, urine analyzer BH-NY01, etc.


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On January 29th, 2024 local time, we are looking forward to your arrival at the Arab Health.


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