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BIOBASE helps create a smoke-free environment

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0530世界无烟日_01World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day was initiated by WHO in 1987 and officially established in 1988 to promote the concept of non-smoking. Since 1989, World No Tobacco Day has been held on May 31 every year, because the next day is International Children's Day, which is intended to protect the next generation from the harm of tobacco.


In order to create a better air environment and protect cardiopulmonary health, we recommend several air purification equipment suitable for home use.


Quadruple sterilization disinfection technology, with a sterilizing rate can reach 99.9%.

Primary filter, solid adsorption, and removal of small particles in the air.

Mobile disinfection is possible, and it has a wider scope of application.

It can release a high concentration of negative ions to make the air fresher.


It can release ozone and ultraviolet rays to double disinfect and purify the air.

The product is small in size and easy to carry when going out.

Using imported chips, it has a one-button start, making it easy to operate.

The air purification range can reach 30-40m²!


Efficient release of negative ions can improve human immunity.

High disinfection and sterilization efficiency, which can kill a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Three-layer filter screen, effectively filters allergens, formaldehyde, bacteria, and other substances in the air.


In addition to air purification equipment, we recommend a pulmonary function tester BK-LFT-I for everyone.
It can perform lung function tests and track the health of the lungs.

Finally, we call on everyone to stay away from tobacco and refuse smoking for the health of themselves and others!


The quality is reliable, the delivery is rapid, and the after-sale is free of worry. BIOBASE LLC adheres to the customer - centric business philosophy and expects to establish a win-win partnership with the global customers.



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