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BIOBASE products advance healthcare in the Middle East

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01Recently, more than 200 units of medical equipment were loaded from the BIOBASE factory and sent to the Middle East. These products cover multiple categories such as biological safety cabinets, autoclaves, refrigerators, incubators, and water baths.


Due to the higher national income in most Middle Eastern countries, people's living standards have generally improved. The local medical and health services are also developing rapidly. Therefore, the demand for medical devices in the Middle East is relatively strong.


In 2017, BIOBASE established a branch in Dubai to better serve customers in the Middle East. Currently, BIOBASE has established long-term cooperative relationships with many customers in the Middle East.


In order to deliver on time with quality and quantity, BIOBASE adopts an intelligent assembly line production mode for transparent management of the production process. This not only improves production efficiency, but also enables control over all aspects of raw material procurement, production and installation.


BIOBASE products cover 200 countries and regions around the world, and we look forward to win-win cooperation with more customers.


The quality is reliable, the delivery is rapid, and the after-sale is free of worry. BIOBASE LLC adheres to the customer - centric business philosophy and expects to establish a win-win partnership with the global customers.



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