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BIOBASE’s new Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet comes out

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The role of Laminar Flow Cabinet

The primary purpose of the laminar flow cabinet is to shield test products from contamination from dust or bacteria that may be present outside of the work area.


Does your laboratory have laminar flow cabinets?

Today we recommend BIOBASE new laminar flow cabinet to you

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet


1. Made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate material, welding structure, surface electrostatic spraying, enhancing the stability of the cabinet.

2. Equipped with a pre-filter, which can preliminarily filter large particulate matter, thus improving the service life of the HEPA filter.

3. Work zone is made of SUS304 material, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

4. The front and side windows are made of 5mm thick tempered glass.

5. Footmaster casters design, convenient cabinet movement and fixation.


6. LCD screen, real-time display of running status (air velocity, timer, UV lamp time, HEPA filter running time).

7. With ultraviolet lamp, fan appointment timing function.

8. Unit conversion function, which switches units between PA and m/s.

9. Perfect alarm system: ultra-high filter pressure alarm, filter failure replacement alarm, low wind speed alarm.

10. Interlocking function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and fan, fluorescent lamp; fan and front window.


If you'd like to obtain more product details, feel free to send us a private message.


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