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Biochemical diagnosis : Choice of chemistry analyzer

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Biochemical diagnosis, as a commonly used testing method in the hospital inspection department, has always attracted the attention of many people.

2022-5-20 biochemistry analyzer Details

Chemistry analyzers,clinical chemistry reagents, calibrators and quality control products are all indispensable parts in the process of biochemical diagnosis. Today, I will introduce to you the chemistry analyzer.

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1. What is a chemistry analyzer?

The chemistry analyzer is an instrument that uses the principle of photoelectric colorimetry to measure a specific chemical composition in a sample. Its advantages are fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and low reagent consumption. It has been widely used in hospitals, clinics, scientific research institutions, and physical examination institutions.

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2. How to choose a chemistry analyzer?

1)Determine your needs.

Firstly, the demand for certification. Before purchasing a chemistry analyzer, you need to confirm the certification or registration information required for importing medical devices in your country, such as ISO, CE, FDA, ect.

Secondly, the demand for speed measurement. Choose a biochemistry analyzer based on the number of samples per day. If it is a clinic with a relatively small number of samples, you can choose a biochemistry analyzer with a lower speed.

Thirdly, the demand for after-sales service. After-sales service includes technical guidance such as installation and commissioning. It also includes troubleshooting of product failures, replacement of parts, and maintenance during the warranty period. To a certain extent, the service life of the machine can be extended with standardized operations.

Of course, different users and environments have different requirements for biochemistry analyzers, and they all need to be taken into consideration.

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(2) Consider the cost-effective of the products.

You can select the biochemistry analyzers that meet your needs by price, and choose the cost-effective one. In addition to the price of the machine, the price of consumables such as reagents also needs to be considered.

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Hope the above information can provide some reference for you to choose a chemistry analyzer.

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