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Blood Bank Refrigerator and Preservation Requirements for Blood

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The blood bank refrigerator is a professional storage equipment used to store whole blood, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, special reagents, etc. The temperature of this refrigerator is controlled at 4 ℃, and it is widely used in hospitals, animal husbandry, scientific research institutions, electronics, chemical and other industries.

2022-6-1 blood bank refrigerator details

The blood bank refrigerator can provide a highly stable and high-precision temperature control environment, achieve rapid cooling and silent operation, provide a good environment for blood preservation, and prolong the quality and safety period of blood and blood products. Its temperature stability, uniformity and high precision cannot be replaced by ordinary household refrigerators.

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Requirements for blood preservation:

ⅠThe refrigerated temperature of whole blood and red blood cells should be controlled at 2-6°C;

ⅡThe storage temperature of platelet should be controlled at 20-24°C (under shaking conditions);

ⅢThe storage temperature of fresh frozen plasma should be controlled below -20℃;

ⅣThe storage temperature of cryoprecipitate should be controlled below -20℃;

So, if it is stored for a short time, there is not much problem with ordinary refrigerators. However, if it is for long-term storage and large-scale storage, please use professional and classified refrigerators for storage. Moreover, blood products cannot be mixed with other things to prevent cross-contamination.

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Therefore, if you are a professional institution, please choose a professional blood bank refrigerator to store blood.


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