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Cautions for the use of CO2 Incubator

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Before using the CO2 Incubator


1. The instrument should be placed on a flat ground or table, and the environment should be clean and tidy, dry and ventilated.


2. Before using the instrument, all control switches should be in a non-working state.


3. The power switch cannot be turned on before the water jacketed CO2 Incubator is filled with water, otherwise the heating element will be damaged. The water added must be distilled water or non-ionized water to prevent minerals from accumulating in the tank and causing corrosion. The water must be changed once a year , Check whether the water in the tank is sufficient.


4. Confirm that the CO2 used is pure and up to standard, otherwise the sensitivity of the CO2 sensor will be reduced and the CO2 filter device will be polluted.


5. Do not adjust the inlet gas pressure to too high, and the maximum outlet pressure of the pressure reducing valve cannot exceed 0.15 Mpa to avoid breaking the pipeline


6. After the CO2 Incubator is correctly installed, add an appropriate amount of sterile distilled water or sterile deionized water to the distilled water tank in the box.

7. It is not suitable for the cultivation of articles containing volatile chemical solvents, low-concentration explosive gases and low-ignition-point gases, and toxic substances


During the use of the CO2 Incubator


1. The incubator should be managed by a dedicated person. Once any switch and setting data on the display are fixed, do not change it at will, so as not to affect the fluctuation of the temperature, CO2, and humidity in the box, and reduce the sensitivity of the machine.

2. Clean your hands (or gloves) with alcohol before taking out the items from the incubator.

3. Try to shorten the door opening time and reduce the number of door openings to avoid air pollution.

4. Always pay attention to the amount of distilled water in the distilled water tank in the tank, and regularly (at least once every two weeks) replace the sterile distilled water or sterile deionized water in the water tray to maintain the relative humidity in the tank and avoid evaporation of the culture solution; Wait for the autoclaved distilled water or deionized water to cool and then pour it into the water tank

5. When the displayed temperature exceeds the set temperature by 1℃, the over-temperature alarm indicator will be on and a sharp alarm will sound. At this time, turn off the power for 30 minutes; if the power (temperature control) switch is turned on again and the temperature is still over-temperature, turn off the power and Report to maintenance personnel


6. When the pressure of the cylinder is lower than 2MPa, and there are obvious fluctuations in the air pressure, the cylinder should be replaced in time.


8. The inside of the box should be scrubbed and disinfected with a disinfectant regularly, and the shelf can be taken out for cleaning and disinfection to prevent other microorganism infections and lead to experimental failure.


After using the CO2 Incubator

1. If the CO2 Incubator is not used for a long time, the moisture in the working room must be removed before closing, and the glass door should be opened for ventilation for 24 hours before closing. The CO2 switch should be turned off to prevent the CO2 regulator from malfunctioning.

2. When cleaning the carbon dioxide incubator studio, do not hit the sensor and other components.

3. The water in the water jacketed incubator must be drained before transporting.

4. When disassembling and assembling the bracket guard in the working room, the random special wrench must be used, and excessive force must not be used.

5. Before carrying the carbon dioxide incubator, take out the shelf and humidification tray in the work room to prevent collision and damage to the glass door.

6. When carrying the incubator, do not turn it upside down, and do not lift the door to avoid deformation of the door.

In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental data and experimental results, in daily use, it is necessary to frequently measure and calibrate the temperature and CO2 concentration in the CO2 incubator to ensure the consistency of the actual value and the set value.


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