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Correct Operation Method of Mini Centrifuge

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The operation of the mini centrifuge is very simple, just put the centrifuge tube, cover the lid and press the switch, and the rotor can quickly reach the maximum speed.

2022.4.17 Centrifuge Details

Although the mini centrifuge is small, we should also pay attention when using it. The correct operation method can reduce the damage of the centrifuge, prolong its life, save time and reduce economic costs!

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The following is the correct operation method of the mini centrifuge:

1. The mini centrifuge should always be in a horizontal position, the voltage of the external power supply system should be matched, and a good grounding wire is required.

2. Before the mini centrifuge is switched on, check whether the rotor is installed firmly and whether foreign objects fall into the machine cavity.

3. The sample should be pre-equilibrated. When centrifuging with a centrifuge, the centrifuge and the sample should be equilibrated at the same time.

4. When centrifuging volatile or corrosive liquids, use a centrifuge tube with a lid, and ensure that the liquid does not leak out, so as not to corrode the machine cavity or cause an accident.

5. After each operation, the usage record should be made, and the various performances of the machine should be checked regularly.

6. When wiping the chamber of the mini centrifuge, the action should be light, so as not to damage the temperature sensor in the chamber.

7. If abnormal phenomena are found during the centrifugation process, the power should be turned off immediately and reported to the relevant technicians for maintenance.

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Mini centrifuges are generally equipped with a variety of centrifugal rotors and a variety of test tube sleeves, suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 8-row PCR centrifuge tubes. It is generally equipped with a fully transparent spherical upper cover, this design strikes a balance between creativity and simplicity. Its compact design makes medical experiments, biological research, and fine chemicals more convenient.

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