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TUBE KIT Virus sampling tubes are used to sample and transport microorganisms such as influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus, and COVID-19. After the virus sample is collected, in order to maintain the viability of the virus sample and prolong the survival time of the virus in the sample, the sampling swab will be placed in the transport medium for storage and transportation. The collected samples are more convenient to meet the requirements of subsequent experiments. Of course, BIOBASE can provide you with a air sterilizer machine, disinfection channel, and autoclave.The virus sampling tubes that BIOBASE can provide can be divided into Inactivated (the inactivated type can inactivate the virus, retain the virus structure, and be used for nucleic acid detection.) Non-inactivated (non-inactivated is to retain the activity of the virus, which can be used for nucleic acid detection or virus to cultivate)


Operating instructions:

1.  Open the package, take out the sampling tube and swab.Mark relevant information on the label of the tube or paste the bar code before sampling.

2.  Sampling according to different requirements

3.  After sampling, put the swab into the preservation tube with the culture medium and break the swab stick at the break point.

4.  Tighten the tube cover. Specimens should be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours at 2-8 °C


Special Note:
1. If the collected sample is used for virus nucleic acid detection, it needs to use a nucleic acid extraction kit and nucleic acid detection reagent; if it is used for virus isolation, it needs to use a cell culture medium.
2. Different application fields have different requirements for the sampling of liquid volume. Please select the appropriate product according to the needs and use:


Precautions for Disposable Virus Sampling Tube:

1.  Confirm that the outer packaging of the product is intact, check the storage tube, and confirm that there is no leakage.

2.  This product is for one-time use, secondary use is prohibited, and different patients are prohibited from using the same preservation tube

3.  The process of collecting samples should be considered as a potential risk of infection, and the operation and handling must meet the requirements of relevant regulations.

4. Do not eat, smoke, chew gum, or drink water within 30 minutes before taking oral samples.


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