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Deionized Water Purifier

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    Deionized water purifier is a kind of laboratory water purification equipment. It is a water treatment device that removes all solid impurities, salt ions, bacterial viruses, etc. from the water through filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger, and ultraviolet sterilization etc. Deionized water purification equipment is widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, biophysical laboratory and other industries.

   BIOBASE Deionized Water Purifier adopts reverse osmosis technology, deionization technology, imported filter element and control components, and integrates microfiltration, activated carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and other technologies to directly convert tap water into high purity water. Automatic pressure sensor control work, RO membrane automatic anti-scale flushing, automatic shutdown of tap water, and automatic water shutdown when power off.


Product model SCSJ-II(15L/H) technical parameters:

1. Soluble organic matter: rejection rate>99% (molecular weight>100)

2. particles: retention rate>99%

3. microorganisms: interception rate>99%

4. Desalination rate: nearly 100%

5. Capacity: 15 liters

6. Power supply voltage and frequency: 220V, 50Hz

7. power: 46W

8. Resistance rate: 13~16MΩ-cm

9. conductivity: 0.077~0.063us/cm

10.particulate matter (>0.22um): <1/ml (optional 0.2um means imported PES terminal filter)

11. Microbes/bacteria: <1CFU/ml (optional 0.2um means imported PES terminal filter)

12.TDS (total solid water solubility): RO water: 5-10ppm


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