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Double single-sided vertical clean bench BBS-V1300

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Technical parameters

1. Clean bench classification: vertical laminar flow, single-sided operation

1.1 External dimensions ≥ (L×D×H) 1300mm×750mm×2040mm;

Internal size ≥ (L×D×H) 1200mm ×645mm×610mm;

Rated power: 400 W (power consumption does not include the power of the cabinet socket load (the load cannot exceed 500W));

Air flow velocity: 0.30.5m/s;

UV lamp power: 30W;

    LED fluorescent lamp power: 12W;

Maximum opening height of front window glass: 430mm;

    Height from table to ground: 750mm;


Fan model: Fanshida FH320A fan, speed: 1390 RPM, flow: 1800 m³/h, power 123W;

1.2 Product safety: the number of colonies ≤0.5CFU/30min;

1.3 Filtration efficiency: All filters use high-efficiency filters without partitions, with a filtration efficiency of 99.999% for particles with a diameter of 0.3μm;

1.4 The working area adopts four sides (left and right sides, rear, bottom) positive pressure to surround the design working area to protect the product;

1.5 The fan and filter can be replaced and repaired at the front of the clean bench.

1.6 The box body is made of 1.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate and the surface is electrostatic sprayed, which enhances the structural strength and makes the whole device more stable;

1.7 The work area table is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and corrosion-resistant;

1.8 The control panel adopts a touch switch. The buttons are composed of fan button, lighting button, ultraviolet button, power button, socket button, glass door down button, glass door up button, air volume decrease button, and air volume increase button, which are easy to operate; The display content includes: fan speed, display time, UV lamp working time, filter working time;

1.9 The front window of the clean bench is an electric window with 5mm thick tempered glass, which is controlled by operating buttons, and can be stopped at any height within the range of travel, and has the function of power-off lock;

1.10 The clean bench is equipped with an air faucet to facilitate the experiment.

1.11 Lighting: ≥350lx.

1.12 The design of the bottom foot top wire and the universal wheel of the clean table, the clean table can be moved by the universal wheel and can be fixed and leveled by adjusting the bottom top wire.

1.13 The interlocking function of ultraviolet lamp, fan and fluorescent lamp, that is, when the fan and fluorescent lamp are working, the ultraviolet lamp cannot be turned on to protect the operator.


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