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How Much Do You Know about Graphite Digester

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The graphite digester is an instrument used in chemical analysis laboratories. It can transform complex samples into forms that are easy to analyze, thereby assisting chemical analysts in precise quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Graphite digester is commonly used for metal analysis, especially for metal elements in solid samples. It can decompose metal samples into ionic forms for accurate measurement using spectroscopic instruments.


The graphite digester can also be employed for the analysis of organic substances. For instance, it can break down organic compounds in organic samples into ions or gases for analysis methods such as gas chromatography or liquid chromatography.


In addition, the graphite digester is also widely used in industries such as food, medicine, environmental protection, and chemical engineering, for the dissolution treatment of samples like feed, food, and ores before chemical analysis.


Characteristics of graphite digester GDA-10

* Infrared radiation graphite conduction heating method, fast heating speed, the temperature difference between the holes is small, and the sample digestion is consistent.

* PID intelligent temperature control algorithm, accurate and stable control, adapt to different sample pretreatment.

* Two heating methods of curve heating and linear heating, 200 groups of digestion programs can be edited and stored.

* Temperature and time gradient to meet different experimental needs of users.

* Special anti-corrosion treatment to avoid the corrosion of acidic liquid on the machine.

* 7-inch high resolution LCD display, real-time display temperature curve.

* Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and other alarm Settings and leakage protection.

* New ceramic fiber insulation layer and air duct insulation technology.

* Standard digestive tube cooling rack and drip tray, the digestive tube can be cooled quickly.

* Exhaust hood, PTFE sealing cap seal, prevent operators from inhaling harmful gases.

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