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How Much Do You Know about Laboratory Spectrophotometers?

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The function and principle of spectrophotometers

A spectrophotometer is a scientific instrument that separates complex light into spectral lines. The measurement range generally includes the visible light region with a wavelength range of 380-780nm and the ultraviolet light region with a wavelength range of 200-380nm. Different light sources have their unique emission spectra, so different emitters can be used as the instrument light source.


Spectrophotometer uses a light source capable of generating multiple wavelengths, and through a series of spectroscopic devices, a specific wavelength light source is generated. After the light passes through the tested sample, some of the light will be absorbed. By calculating the absorbance of the sample, it can be converted into the the concentration of the sample.


Applications of spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers can be widely applied in industries such as water quality, chemical, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, metallurgy, light industry, textiles, materials, environmental protection, and medical testing, etc. It is one of the essential quality control instruments in the analytical testing industry and a necessary tool in routine laboratories.


Classification of spectrophotometers

BIOBASE has various types of spectrophotometers, which can be divided into uv spectrophotometers, vis spectrophotometers, nir spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrophotometers according to practical applications.


BIOBASE new product-UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

BIOBASE has always insisted on innovation in laboratory testing instruments and continuously upgraded the performance of its products. Among them, BIOBASE new product UV/VIS spectrophotometer BK-UV1000G/BK-V1000G is one of the representatives.


Product upgrade features

1.Utilizing imported long-life tungsten/hydrogen lamps.

2.1200L/mm grating : Band selection is more accurate.

3.High-sensitivity photodetector.

4.ARM chip technology: Achieving faster response and processing speed.

5.7-inch LCD display screen.

6.Capable of performing spectrum scanning, wavelength calibration, and more.

BIOBASE UV/VIS spectrophotometer, with more comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis, faster and more accurate measurement, and easier intelligent operation. It is the best choice for your laboratory testing instrument!

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