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How much do you know about the work in the pathology laboratory?

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Almost every hospital has a special laboratory that will never be seen by patients or visitors. However, the existence of this laboratory is crucial for the treatment of every patient. It is the pathology department, a core department known as the "foundation of medicine".17

The main role of the pathology department is to provide important basis for clinical diagnosis by analyzing and testing biological tissue samples. Therefore, pathology plays an extremely crucial role in disease diagnosis.

Pathology department workflow
After a clinical specimen is sent to the pathology department, it undergoes the process of sampling, dehydration, embedding, slicing, floatation, drying, staining, labeling, information verification, and microscopic observation.2

Sampling and Dehydrating
Sampling is the process of receiving the specimens and carefully check their information on the sampling platform. At the same time, some large specimens were cut open to initially determine the lesion site. After sampling, the tissue should be dehydrated.3

Embedding and Slicing
After dehydration, the tissue should be embedded. This procedure requires the tissue to be fixed in paraffin using an embedding machine. Then, use a microtome to cut the wax block into thin slices that meet the requirements.4

Floatation - Drying - Staining - Sealing
Using a drying and spreading machine, fully unfold the tissue samples after wax sealing and slicing. Then dry the tissue slices on the slide to separate impurities and moisture from the tissue. Finally, after staining with a tissue stainer, seal the slides with a sealing machine.5

Observation and Diagnosis
After the tissue specimens are prepared, observations can be made and pathological reports can be formed to provide pathological results to patients and doctors.6

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