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How to choose a suitable wheelchair?

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Wheelchair flag-bearer, wheelchair curling... At the Beijing Winter Paralympics, representatives from all walks of life shared a warm moment of harmony between the disabled and the healthy, and also made us realize the importance of rehabilitation equipment, including wheelchairs, for people with disabilities. Today I will introduce to you how to choose the right wheelchair。

3.24 Wheelchair Details

1. Seat width

The appropriate width of the seat is the distance between the two hips or the two shares when sitting down, plus 5cm, that is, there is a gap of 2.5cm on each side after sitting down.

2. Seat length

The appropriate length of the seat is the horizontal distance between the rear buttocks and the gastrocnemius muscle of the calf when sitting down, minus 6.5cm.

3. Seat height

The appropriate length of the seat is the distance from the heel to the popliteal fossa when sitting down, plus 4cm. When placing the pedals, the board should be at least 5cm off the ground.

4. Seat cushion

For comfort and to prevent pressure ulcers, a seat cushion should be placed on the seat, and foam rubber (5-10cm thick) or gel cushions can be used. To prevent the seat from sinking, a 0.6cm thick plywood can be placed under the seat cushion.

5. Backrest height

The higher the backrest of the wheelchair, the more stable it is, and the lower the backrest, the greater the range of motion of the upper body and upper limbs. The so-called low backrest is to measure the distance from the seat surface to the armpit (one or both arms stretched forward), and subtract 10cm from this result. High backrest is to measure the actual height from the seat surface to the shoulder or rear pillow.

6. Armrest height

When sitting down, the upper arm is vertical and the forearm is placed on the armrest. The appropriate armrest height of the seat is the height from the seat surface to the lower edge of the forearm, plus 2.5cm.

7. Other aids for wheelchairs

It is designed to meet the needs of special patients, such as increasing the friction surface of the handle, the extension of the brake, the anti-vibration device, the anti-slip device, and the wheelchair table for the convenience of patients to eat and write.
3.24 Wheelchair Details (2)

Wheelchairs are very widely used tools. For the disabled and caregivers, it is very necessary to choose the most suitable wheelchair. At present, many styles of wheelchairs have been developed, but its core function has always been to provide more convenient travel for the disabled. I hope that through this article, everyone can choose a suitable wheelchair.

3.24 Wheelchair Details (3)


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