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Laminar air flow clean bench

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The clean bench is an air purification equipment that can provide a local dust-free clean, aseptic working environment with a local operating environment of class 100 (ISO class 5). And the polluted air in the working area can be controlled artificially through the filter channel to avoid harm to people and the environment. Under working conditions, it can maintain the performance parameters of wind speed, air cleanliness, noise, vibration and lighting in the working space, and meet the requirements of laboratory use. It is widely used in biological laboratories, medical and health, biopharmaceutical and other related industries. Process conditions, protect the health of operators, improve product quality and yield have good effects.


The clean workbench is mainly composed of box, fan, pre-filter, high efficiency filter and power supply.

Working principle

The working principle of the clean workbench is to suck in the air through the fan, and filter it through the high efficiency filter through the static pressure box. The filtered clean air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operating area is continuously controlled by the clean air to achieve class 100 cleanliness, so as to form a sterile and high-clean working environment.


According to the airflow mode, the clean workbench can be divided into a horizontal laminar flow clean workbench and a vertical laminar flow clean workbench.

1. Horizontal laminar flow clean bench: The airflow mode of the work area is horizontal laminar flow.

2. Vertical laminar flow clean bench: The airflow mode of the work area is vertical laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow clean benches can be divided into single-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches and double-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches according to different operating modes in the operating area.


Scope of application

Clean benches are widely used in areas requiring partial purification, such as laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, optoelectronics, microelectronics, hard disk manufacturing and other fields, medicine and health, food, medical science experiments, optics, electronics, sterile room experiments, cell culture , Plant tissue culture inoculation, and other scientific research and production departments that require a local clean and sterile working environment. According to the different airflow modes of the clean bench, its application fields are also different.


1. Low cost.

2. High cleanliness.

3. It is very convenient to make and install.

4. High reliability and versatility.


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