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Mobile COVID-19 PCR & Antibody Testing Laboratory

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The mobile PCR chamber laboratory meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory, highly integrated with water, electricity, HVAC and other equipment, and equipped with the necessary instruments for the experiment. It adopts factory modular form a complete set.


* Single box structure.

* Easy to transport.

* Stainless steel outer door

* Stable and durable.

* Double door design.

* With access control system.

Inside Cabin

* Good antibacterial effect.

* Fire prevention.

* Moisture-proof.

* Not easy to produce mold.

* With glass observation window.

* Can be manually opened in emergency situations such as power failure.

* The ground is made of 2mm PVC floor leather.

Area Arrangement

* Three functional divisions. 

* Reagent preparation area.

* Specimen preparation area.

* Product amplification & analysis area.

* Built-in PCR corridor. 

* Ultraviolet lamp disinfection.

* A pressure differential meter is installed at the door of the buffer room to display the dynamic pressure in the room in real time


* Strictly follow the PCR laboratory air supply

* Conditions of-20 C to 40 C and ensure the indoor temperature is constant.

* Laboratory is 18℃~26℃, and the relative humidity does not exceed 70%.

* Independent exhaust system, to avoid environmental pollution.

* The combined clean air conditioning unit adopts primary and high-efficiency filter for the terminal air supply port to carry out three-stage filter air supply to ensure the cleanliness of the room meets the requirements

Water Supply &Drainage System

* The clean water tank and waste water treatment equipment.

* Equipped with 260L capacity of clean water tank.

* Discharged after inactivated treatment. The discharge standard meets relevant national standards. The laboratory wastewater treatment equipment adopts neutralization and UV ultraviolet sterilization, ozone oxidation, to treat all kinds of pollutants in wastewater.

Laboratory Table

* Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and strong acid and alkali.

* The surface is cured by epoxy resin spraying powder at high temperature. The accessories are of the exclusive brand of the high quality laboratory, equipped with the special faucet for the laboratory, etc.

* The cabinet is made of 1.2mm thick steel plate.

Controlling System

* Visual intelligent control system, with room temperature and humidity pressure gradient, lighting, uv lamp control.

* With dynamic pressure control ability. It has the function of exhaust air efficient clogging detection, realizing the alarm function when clogging occurs and reminding to replace.

* With the function of pre-sterilization and intelligent sterilization, the abnormal situation always automatically alarm to remind users.








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