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Nitrogen generator

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This time we will introduce the Nitrogen generator, it uses world advanced PSA technology, separates N2 from pure air. Whole equipment is controlled by programs with compressor inside, no needing external air source. N2 output flow and pressure are both quite stable. It is physical adsorption process to produce N2. Compared with chemical technology, our equipment has advantages of no pollution, no corrosion. It could longer GC lifetime. It is very safe and easy to use, with long lifetime and stable quality. It could completely meet requirement for all kinds of GC.

Detailed process is: compressed air goes into purification firstly to remove impurities in the air. Through switching valve, air goes into adsorbing tower, and oxygen is absorbed inside. Nitrogen is accumulated into the nitrogen tank. After purified, high-purity nitrogen is produced. Equipment has two absorbing towers. Carbon molecular sieve is fully filled inside. When one tower is absorbing oxygen, another tower is for re-generation to release oxygen. So the two towers could work in turn to guarantee continuous nitrogen.

1. Output Pressure Gauge     2. Temperature Settings     3. Heating Indicator

4. Running Indicator         5. Water Drainage Switch   6. Power Switch

7. Nitrogen-producing Switch  8. Nitrogen Purifier        9. Steady Flow Valve I

10. Steady Flow Valve II      11. Air Inlet              12. Lubricant Inlet

13. Gas Vent                14. Nitrogen Discharge     15. Nitrogen Outlet

16. Nitrogen Pressure         17. Air Pressure           18. Nitrogen Pressure Regulator

图片2图片119. Air Pressure Regulator     20. Power Socket


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