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Precautions for the use of portable refrigerators

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Medical refrigerators have high requirements for temperature control accuracy, small temperature fluctuations in the box, and high uniformity. Portable medical refrigerators are easy to move and can be used for low-temperature refrigeration of vaccines, biological products, low-temperature drugs, blood products, reagents and specimens.

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In the process of using portable refrigerators, there are three points to note

Ⅰ. Before using the refrigerator, carefully check whether the package body is damaged, holes, and fasteners are damaged, to ensure that the refrigerator and blood transport box are tightly sealed;

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Ⅱ. Do not fill the crystal ice box with more than 70% water, shake it slowly to dissolve the ice crystal powder, and the ice box can be used repeatedly;

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Ⅲ. Separate the ice box filled with water and place it in a cold storage or freezer flatly. Since the volume of the ice box will expand slightly after being frozen, proper space.

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Ⅳ. During disinfection, wipe the surface of the refrigeration module with 0.2% peroxyacetic acid or 5% to 10% sodium hypochlorite; wipe the outer container with 2% glutaraldehyde or 5% to 10% sodium hypochlorite.

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Portable refrigerator is suitable for refrigerated carrying in CDC, hospitals, medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies, blood stations and so on. Through the above operation points, it can effectively avoid personal injury and protect the life, health and safety of operators.


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