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Semi-Auto Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

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BIOBASE SILVER PLUS semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer is a microcomputer-based in-vitro diagnostics instrument uniting optics, mechanics and automation control in one. It is used together with the related reagents for quantitative determination of biochemical items, widely applied to various hospitals and research institutes, with the characteristics of high precision, excellent repeatability, and complete function

BIOBASE SILVER PLUS mainly consists of Control System (single chip microcomputer, touch screen), Samples and Reagent Incubation system, Optical and Measuring System, Peristaltic Pump Suction system, Built-in Thermal Printer, etc.

Semi‐automated analysers are faster, more precise, cheap, and compact as compared to fully automated analysers and are capable to perform tests on whole blood, serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and urine samples. To meet the requirements of increasing volume of work in clinical laboratories, automated instruments have been designed in which the entire analytical process is carried out in a mechanized fashion. The instruments have resulted in saving labour and time and also allow reliable performance and quality control by reducing subjective errors. They allow to measure absorbance, turbidity, and end point, two point, and multipoint kinetics. The analysers find applications in laboratories including the clinical, research, education, veterinary, toxicology, and pharmaceutical laboratory. They are used for performing routine biochemistry, hormonal assay, electrolytes, therapeutic drugs, and drug‐enzyme investigations.

Semi-Auto Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


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