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The Mobile PCR Chamber Laboratory

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The mobile PCR chamber laboratory is a large multi-functional laboratory product designed by our company in the latest research. It meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory, highly integrated with water, electricity, HVAC and other equipment, and equipped with the necessary instruments for the experiment. It adopts factory modular form a complete set.

Now let's talk about product features:


Single box structure, factory modular form a complete set, and it has stainless steel outer door, double door design, with access control system.

Inside Cabin

The ceiling and internal partition wall adopt special antibacterial purification board for laboratory, with good antibacterial effect, fire prevention and moisture-proof.

Area Arrangement

The PCR laboratory was designed in strict accordance with the three functional divisions: reagent preparation area, specimen preparation area and product amplification and analysis area, with independent buffer room.In addition, configure the washroom and equipment room.


Strictly follow the PCR laboratory air supply and exhaust design to ensure the air volume and ventilation frequency in the experimental area.

Water Supply & Drainage System

The clean water tank and waste water treatment equipment are integrated between the equipment to maintain the normal operation of the laboratory under the condition of water cut off.

Laboratory Table

The accessories are of the exclusive brand of the high quality laboratory, equipped with the special faucet for the laboratory, PP sink, eye washer, etc.

The above is the introduction of The Mobile PCR Chamber Laboratory.


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