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Vacuum Dryer

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We all have experienced a sunny day with windy weather that dries laundry quickly, while a cloudy day with humid weather in the rainy season makes it difficult to dry the laundry. Yet, drying wet objects in an industrial setting requires a system that will ensure repeated drying in order to maintain the quality of drying in the given circumstance. There shall be no need to mention the demand for ensuring drying and repeatability for complex shapes and porous machined parts. Such drying with high efficiency requires a method of vacuum drying.


I. Application Scope

    This products is suitable for scientific research, hospitals and mining industries. It specializes in drying the heat-sensitive, easily oxidized and easily disintegrated substances, and it is able to quickly dry the products made of complex substances. Noble gas can be filled into the work room.

II. Features

1. Microcomputer intelligent controller is accurate and reliable. During measurement, the upper row of window displays measuring temperature, the lower row of the window displays setting time or running time(when it has the function of tim setting).It displays a variety of parameters during setting.

2.  The outside shell is welded by high-quality steel sheet, the work room is made of stainless steel or high quality steel sheet. The outside shell is powder coating, with aesthetic and modern appearance.

3.  The door is made of double toughened bulletproof glasses, which is guaranteed for the safety of the operator during working.  

4. The closing tightness of the door can be adjusted. The edge of the work room adopts silicon rubber sealing. To ensure fine vacuum in the work chamber, and noble gas can be filled into the work chamber when it is necessary( And the gas pressure should not be larger than 0.1MPa during infilling the gas.

5. Vacuum degree is displayed by vacuum meter.

Vacuum Dryer


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