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Vertical Autoclave

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Performance characteristics

1. Using computer control technology, touch buttons, digital tube menu display;

2. Water injection, positive pressure pulsation exhaust, heating, sterilization, drainage, drying, automatic program control in the whole process, fault alarm;

3. Information is automatically displayed;

4. The equipment has exposed equipment, equipment bag, rubber, dressing, liquid, user-defined and other programs;

5. Adopt a variety of cold air removal methods such as temperature timing partial air and positive pressure dynamic pulsation to completely eliminate cold air in the sterilizer room to ensure steam saturation;

6. It has automatic control function of fast exhaust steam and slow exhaust steam, avoiding the benefit of sterilizing liquid;

7. The door cover is completely wrapped to effectively prevent burns;

8. Built-in water tank, internal circulation of soda and water, no steam is discharged outside the sterilization stage, and the environment is clean and dry;

9. The cavity wall of the sterilizer is heated to effectively dry the sterilized items;

10. Horizontal rotary door opening, self-expanding sealing ring, convenient and safe operation;

11. The product has a medical device registration certificate;

technical parameter

Dimensions: 550*640*980(mm)

Inner cavity size: 386*502 (mm)

Power supply: 220v±15 50Hz

Power: 4400W

Pressure display range: 0~0.4 (Mpa)


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