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Weekly Recommendation -86℃ Freezer: BDF-86V348

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This week we will recommend you our -86℃ freezer. It is mainly used for the storage of mRNA vaccines.

They all use a microprocessor system to achieve precise temperature control.

Today, i will show you the model BDF-86V348. Its capacity is 348 liters and temperature range is -60℃~-86℃.

It has four main characteristics. We can see the follows:

1. Outstanding refrigeration

Direct cooling is achieved by mixing refrigerant and two sets of compressors.

2. Excellent thermal insulation performance

Double guarantee of two inner doors plus a lockable outer door, and multiple sound and light alarm system. These can ensure temperature stability.

 -86C Freezer BDF-86V348

3. Data monitoring and acquisition

The LCD display can monitor the temperature data in real time. And The USB port can download temperature data for data analysis.

4. A variety of accessories to choose from

According to actual usage, multiple storage racks and boxes can be selected.

For more information about our -86℃ freezer, please contact our sales manager.


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