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Biobase Mobile UV Air Sterilizer

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Price: $ 420
  • BK-Y-600


It can be used in Class II, Class III, Class IV hospital room, blood station, food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory, school, catering and other public places.



* Air purification composite filter which has primary filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter.

* Long service life, easy maintenance, convenient installation. Service life of UV lamp≥8000h.

* Fast and effective sterilization of various bacteria and virus.

*Air dynamic disinfection, allow existence of people when working.

* Power-off memory function.

* Two working modes: sterilization & negative ion air supply.

Optional working modes: ozone air supply (BK-Y-600 & BK-Y-800 mobile air sterilizer).

* Adjustable high/medium/low air volume, adjustable wind direction.


No need extra installation. After open the packing box, connect the power line and operate as manual

Operation Notice:

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the machine.

2. The usage must be carried out in accordance with the rules stipulated in the manual.

3. It is forbidden to use in flammable and explosive places.

4. The room should be close the doors& windows during working, good airtightness is useful.

5. The transformer of the machine has high voltage, power must be cut off during installation and maintenance.

6. It is strictly forbidden to cover or block the inlet and outlet of the machine.

7. Do not insert anything from the gap of the casing into the machine. Otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock. Do not spill any liquid on the sterilizer.

8. This machine should avoid direct contact or flushing with water. The power should be cut off before cleaning the machine.

9. The UV germicidal lamp in the machine has a large power. During maintenance or cleaning, cut off the power to avoid UV rays from puncturing the skin and eyes.

10. The power supply used by this unit must be a single-phase three-core power supply with good grounding.

11. In order to reduce the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble the unit. Any concerns, pls contact after sale service engineer at Biobase.

12. When the following conditions occur, please unplug the machine from the power outlet and call our service number.

A When the power cord or plug is damaged or worn.

B If liquid is spilled into the unit.

C If the sterilizer is being exposed to rain or water.

D If the sterilizer is broken or the fuselage is damaged.

E If the sterilizer changes significantly in performance.

13. If the user does not follow the above instructions to start repairing or replacing parts, the responsibility for personal safety accidents, machine reliability, etc., is the responsibility of the operator.

14. The service life of the whole machine is five years. If you purchase more than five years, the aging of components and power cords in the machine may cause personal safety accidents.

15. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps should be used to detect the irradiance according to the time of use, and the irradiance of the radiation is <70uW/cm2 (power ≥30W)

When the lamp is used or the accumulated use time exceeds the effective life, the UV germicidal lamp should be replaced regularly (using more than 5000 hours), and the primary filter should be cleaned regularly (it is recommended to clean it once every six months).

BK-Y1 - 副本BK-Y2 - 副本









Sterilization Space




Air Circulation







Ultraviolet Leakage of Machine

≤5μw/cm2(30cm distance with machine)

Ozone Concentration

≤7.4X10-3mg/m3 (20cm distance with machine)


LCD display

LED display

LCD display

Temperature Range

0~39 ( Screen displays10~35 temperature range

Temperature Accuracy


Timing Function

24 hours

8 hours



Power Supply

AC220V, 50/60HzAC110V, 50/60Hz.




External Size(mm)





Package Size(mm)





Net Weight(kg)





Gross Weight(Kg





Pre-sales service:
♥24 hours online to ensure quick response to customers' inquiry or online message.
♥Guide customers to choose the best suitable machine model.
♥Offer detailed specification and competitive prices.
♥Customization available for special specification products.
♥Sample testing support. View our Factory.


After-sales service:
♥Training how to install and use the machine.
♥ available to service machinery overseas.
♥In response to customers technical problems.

♥12-month warranty for most of products.

♥Your technicians can be trained by our company.


Lead time is about 3 to 5 working days from the date of receiving payment. Please allow an extension of lead time when sales hot season.

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