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Compounding Hood Creates A Particle-free Working Environment

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There are two types:
-Positive pressure in work area only protects sample.
-Negative pressure in work area protects operator and environment.
Price: $ 480 / unit

Product Description

Product Concept

Laminar Flow Cabinet – is used only for sample protection.

Laminar Flow Cabinet is a work bench or similar enclosure, which creates a particle-free working environment by taking air through a filtration system and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or unidirectional air stream.

It is widely divided into vertical and horizontal laminar airflow type.

BBS-V500 is vertical type Laminar Flow Cabinet

Operating Principle/Air flow Pattern


Air flow pattern

Protected objects

Laminar flow cabinet is designed to protect the experimental materials, to make local air environment with high degree of cleanliness, the main role is to ensure the accuracy of the operating area of the experiment, but for the environment and operators can’t afford protection.

Operation Process

Connect the power reply

press the related function key (please refer to the operation instructions of 2.2.1 of related buttons, functions );Check whether the function keys are consistent with the results of operations, and check the fan if is working normally and wind speed if reach requirements, UV lamp and fluorescent lamp is working normally according to laminar flow cabinet technical parameters.

Before doing experiment, please sterilize the cabinet for more than 30 minutes by UV lamp;

 (1) For safety of eyes and skin, people should leave room during the UV sterilization.

 (2)UV lamp intensity should be tested regularly. UV lamp life is generally 600 hours  

Please move the front window at appropriate height, turn on the fan, make sure the experiment should be started after fan working for at least half an hour;

For operating safety, please put testing materials inside the cabinet in advance.

After finishing the experiment, please move the front window down to the bottom, and make sure to sterilize the cabinet by UV lamp for 30 minutes before turning off the cabinet.

Technical parameters

External Size (W*D*H)mm550*460*700
Internal Size (W*D*H)480*340*370
DisplayLED Display
Airflow Velocity0.3~0.5m/s≥0.5m/s
MaterialMain BodyCold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria power coating

Work Table304 Stainless steel
Pre-FilterPolyester fiber, washable(for BBS-V500,BBS-V600 and BBS-V700)
FilterHEPA FilterActive Carbon Filter,
HEPA Filter
Front WindowManual, 5mm toughened glass, anti UV
Max Opening310mm
LED Lamp4W*1
UV Lamp8W*1

Emission of 253.7 nanometers
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Standard AccessoryHEPA Filter,Active Carbon Filter,
LED Lamp,HEPA Filter,
UV Lamp*2.LED Lamp,

UV Lamp*2.

Optional Accessory/
Gross Weight57kg
Package Size (W*D*H)mm700*610*830

Packing List




BBS-V500 main body


Wood package

Power line


Packing bag(On top of main body)



Packing bag(On top of main body)

UV lampT5 8W


Paper package(On top of main body)

User manual of BBS-V500


File bag(On top of main body)

Test report


File bag(On top of main body)

Quality certification card


File bag(On top of main body)

Warranty card


File bag(On top of main body)

Product acceptance certificate and installation report


File bag(On top of main body)

Training Certificate


File bag(On top of main body)

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