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Disposable Virus Sampling Specimen Collection Tube Kit Swab

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Price: $ 11.5 / box
  • 3ml medium with 2 swab

Product Description

Biobase Disposable Sampling Tube Kit

In the current situation,  sample collection is an important part of  gene detection. The single-use sampling tube can collect, transport, Inactivate and store samples from specific parts of the human body.

disposable virus tube kit

specimen collection kit


* Easy to operate and use.
* Adding sample stabilizing ingredients can maintain the activity of the sample in a wide temperature range and reduce the decomposition rate of the sample (Active type).
* Contains sample cleavage and sample nucleic acid preservation solution, which can quickly cleave the sample to release nucleic acid and store the nucleic acid stably (Inactive type).


Medium Specification
5ml tube with 2ml medium, 10ml tube with 3ml/5ml/6ml medium

Boxed Specifications
2ml medium type without swab/single swab/double swabs
30 tubes/box
3ml medium type without swab/single swab/double swabs
20 tubes/box
5ml medium type with 5 swabs
15 tubes/box
6ml medium type with 10 swabs (only for Inactive type)
10 tubes/box
Package Size
570*540*570mm 50boxes/carton

Note:  Not Available in the U.S

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