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10ul 200ul 1000ul Pipette Tips with Filter Clear Dnase And Rnase Free Sterile

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Price: $ 170 / carton
  • CR-TFB-010S

Product Description

Features of pipettes tips:
•Tips are made of medical grade polypropylene, and filters are made of highly hydrophobic UHMWPE.
•Filters prevent cross-contamination and damage to samples, ensure accurate and precise sample aspiration, and protect the user by preventing sample liquid or vapor from entering the pipette body.
•Low retention treated tips undergo a coating-free treatment and will not contaminate samples.
•All filter tips are autoclavable.
•Available in racked package(sterile).
•RNase & DNase free, non-pyrogenic.

tipspipettes tips

Order Information

CR-TFB-010S10μlclearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
CR-TFB-200S200μlclearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
CR-TFB-1000S1000μlclearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
CR-TFB-015L10μl(lengthen)clearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
CR-TFB-250L200μl(lengthen)clearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
CR-TFB-1250L1000μl(lengthen)clearYes96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton

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