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3 Ply Disposable Medical Face Masks with CE

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Product Description

Indications for use:

The medical device is intended for covering the mouth or nose or facial position to protect the patients from infective agents from the noses and mouths of the staff, and protect the wearer against transmission of airborne organisms during surgery or patient examination. Single-use, Non-sterile.

Use cautions:

1. Please refer to the instructions before use.

2. Single use, no reuse.

3. During using, if skin discomfort or bad breathing, please change the mask or stop using it.

4. If the package is damaged before use, it is strictly forbidden to be used.

5. This product should not be used when facial beards, hair, or other conditions can affect the tightness between the face and the mask.

6. For safety, keep away from the source of fire.

7. Avoid harmful dust and gas.

8. The body of the mask is not touched by the fingers/hands of the wearer;

9. Hands are disinfected (full hand disinfection) after mask removal;

10. A mask is worn covering the nose and mouth of the wearer, at no time a mask is hanging round the neck of the wearer;

11. A used mask should be disposed when no longer needed or between two procedures; when there is a further need for protection a new mask should be put on. The best continuous use time of this product is 4 hours.

12. This product cannot be discarded directly after use. Use 75% alcohol, or mix some water, spray it on the mask with a

watering can disinfect it, and go to a special recycling place or discard according to the local statutory regulation.

face mask

medical face mask

face mask

Technical parameters




Earloop type


Consisting of mask body, mask band and nose clip

Raw Material

65% non-woven fabric, 35% melt-blown fabric


Turn folded side out, nose bar side up

Three Layers Material

The molding layer is spunbonded non-woven fabric

The filter layer is melt-blown non-woven fabric

The affinity layer is spunbonded non-woven fabric


EN 14683:2019+A1:2019

External Size

180*95mm (with 3 layers)

Recommended Using Time

4~6 hours


2 years

Bacteria Filtration Efficiency(BFE%)≥95%
Airflow Resistance49Pa/cm2

Storage Condition

Keep in a sealed, cool and dry condition

Packing Size / Gross Weight

500*400*500mm(10pcs/bag, 2200pcs/carton) / 10kg

Packing List

face mask-front

face masks-back



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