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4.26 ft PCR Cabinet

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The clean bench, also known as the ultra-clean workbench, is a laminar flow local air purification equipment. It adopts an adjustable air volume fan system. After adjusting the fan workbench, the wind speed in the clean work area can always be kept within the ideal range. It can create a local high-cleanness air environment and is the most ideal special equipment for scientific research, pharmaceuticals, medical and health, electronic optical instruments and other industries

Price: $ 1500 / unit
External Size:
Internal Size:
Work Surface Height:
Max Opening:
Side Windows :
  • PCR-1300

PCR Cabinet is equipment that makes a partial clean air environment, its air current is vertical. It has applied to semiconductor industry, precision instrument, electronic component, optics apparatus, chemical industry, metallurgy and refining, magnetic material, micro-organism studies, medical science, research and some other departments. It is useful to increase the quality, precision, stability and reliability of products.                                            


1. LED display(LED display for PCR1000).

2. UV sterilization system.

3. HEPA filter efficiency 99.999% at 0.3μm.

4. Interlock function: UV lamp only can be switched on when the front window is closed, ensuring operator safety.

5. UV timer (0-90 minutes): When the setting time expires, the UV lamp automatically switches off in preparation

 for the next experiment.


Storage and Conveyance:

1. Clean work packed should store in the room which is opposite temperature under 80 degrees, no causticity air and good-ventilation.

2. Forbid inversion or put in a pile.

3. In transport process please put the equipment with care, forbid heavy pressure or rain pouring.



Model  PCR-1300
External Size (W*D*H) 

1300*700 *1770mm

Internal Size (W*D*H)  1200*595 *550mm
Work Surface Height  750mm
Material  Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating 
Work Table: 304 stainless steel 
Front & Side Windows  5mm toughened glass , anti-UV 
Max Opening  300mm 
Pre-Filter  Polyester fiber, Washable 
HEPA Filter  99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm. 
Airflow Velocity  0.3-0.5m/s, speed adjustable 
Noise  ≤65dB 
UV Lamp  30W*1
Emission of 253.7 nanometers, with UV timer
Illumination Lamp  LED 12W*2
Illumination  ≥1000Lux
Shelf with IV bar  Stainless steel, 502*150*50mm (W*D*H) 
caster  Universal caster with leveling feet 
Consumption  600W
Waterproof Socket  Two, total load≤500W 
Power Supply  AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz;110V±10%,60Hz
Standard Accessory   UV lamp, Fluorescent lamp, Base stand, Waterproof socket*2, Shelf with IV bar 
Gross Weight  231kg
Package Size (W*D*H) 


Warranty 3 Years
Lead Time Lead time is about 3 to 5 working days from the date of receiving payment. Please allow an extension of lead time when sales hot season.



♥Free offer trial video for your sample
♥Free training video with machine


Pre-sales service:

♥24 hours online to ensure quick response to customers' inquiry or online message.
♥Guide customers to choose the best suitable machine model.
♥Offer detailed specification and competitive prices.
♥Customization available for special specification products.
♥Sample testing support. View our Factory.


After-sales service:

♥Training how to install and use the machine.
♥ available to service machinery overseas.
♥In response to customers technical problems.

♥12-month warranty for most of products

♥Your technicians can be trained by our company.




Main Body


Wood packaging

Base Stand


Paper (Behind the cabinet)

Power Cord


Bags(Behind the cabinet)

Fuse (10A)


Bags(Behind the cabinet)

UV Lamp(T8 30W)


Paper(Behind the cabinet)

PCR1200 User Manual


Envelope(Behind the cabinet)

Test Report


Envelope(Behind the cabinet)

Quality   Certification Card


Envelope(Behind the cabinet)

Warranty Card


Envelope(Behind the cabinet)

Product Acceptance Certificate   and Installation Report

1 copy

Envelope(Behind the cabinet)

Training Certificate

1 copy

Envelope(Behind the cabinet)


Hexagon Cylinder Head Bolt M10*20


4 sets


Bags(Behind the cabinet)

Flat Washer 10+ Spring Washer 10

4 sets

Bags(Behind the cabinet)

Allen Wrench


Bags(Behind the cabinet)

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