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Biological Safety Cabinet

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BSC Biological safety cabinet is a box-type air purification negative pressure safety device that can prevent certain dangerous or unknown biological particles from aerosols from escaping during the experimental operation. It is widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical testing and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, genetic engineering, biological products, etc. It is the most basic safety protection equipment in the first-level protective barrier of laboratory biosafety
Price: $ 4320 / unit
External Size(W*D*H):
Chamber size(mm):
Work Surface Height:
Max Opening:
Tested Opening:
  • BSC-4A2(4')


Product Description

NSF Certified Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Biosafety cabinets (BSCs) are one type of biocontainment equipment used in biological laboratories to provide personnel, environmental, and product protection. BSCs (e.g., Class II and Class III) use high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in both the exhaust and supply system to prevent exposure to biohazards.

Biosafety cabinets which provide different levels of protection to the worker and to the research material: Class I, Class II, and Class III. Class I biosafety cabinets are infrequently used and provide personnel and environmental protection but no product protection. Class II and Class III cabinets provide personnel, environmental, and product protection. Class II biosafety cabinets are widely used in biological research laboratories and are differentiated into types such as A1, A2, B1, or B2.The classification for the majority of biosafety cabinets used is Class II Type A2. 


1. Motorized front window.
2. Large LCD display, all information displayed.
3. Automatic air speed adjustable with filter block.
4. With memory function in case of power-failure.
5. Side & back wall is made up of single piece stainless steel.
6. Interlock function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower, fluorescent lamp; Blower and front window.
7. Front 10° slanted to offer operator comfort while working for long time, reduce glare and maximize reach into the work area.

Attention! Steps before and after using:

1. Check the package after receiving the device. Broken glass or other visible damage must be indicated in the equipment receipt, and immediately notify the shipper.

Note: Equipment cannot be returned to the factory, unless receive return authorization!

2. If the device is transported in cold weather, please place it in the area for 24 hours at room temperature before putting it in working place. Please move the equipment as close as possible to where you use it before dismantling packing.

3. Firstly, remove all surface protection. Before the entire device is exposed, do not try to lift off the packing bracket, and make sure you have read the article 7 as below.

4. Unpack the entire package; put away all components for assembly carefully. Left adhesive tape can be wiped with alcohol.

5. Check all parts. If there is damage, please notify the transport company immediately. If the device has problem, do not open the package, because shipper may need to check boxes.

6.Move the equipment off from collet, loosen locking block on the four corners.

7. Safety cabinet is very heavy and is equipped with HEPA filter. They should be transported lightly, It is better to use big trolley to move the safety cabinet and don’t focus the whole weight of safety cabinet at the middle of the work place.

8. Sometimes we need to raise the edge of the cabinet to enter some area, but this is only allowed of a short distance.

9. It is forbidden to make it top-for-bottom or dumping while transporting or placing the biosafety cabinet.

Installation conditions and using environment:

To avoid disturbances to the safety cabinet and its operator, follow the following guidelines, while determining a suitable location for the cabinet:

1. The distance from the plane of the aperture to any circulation space should be at least 1000 mm, so as to preserve a zone undisturbed by anyone other than the operator.

2. Biological safety cabinets should be placed in a position where there should be no opposing wall (or other obstruction likely to affect the airflow) within 2000 mm of the front aperture.

3. Safety cabinets should not be installed in positions where they are likely to be affected by other items or equipment. In particular the distance to the aperture of an opposing safety cabinet, fume cupboard, or the edge of a local exhaust ventilation outlet should not be less than 3000 mm.

4. Any room air supply diffuser should not be within 1500 mm of the front aperture.

5. Doorways should not be within 1500 mm of the aperture or within 1000 mm of the side of the safety cabinet.

6. The position of a safety cabinet should satisfy the spatial requirements (e.g. vision, lighting and convenience of access) of the operator and personnel working nearby. When a cabinet is installed on a bench top, the leading edge should be flush with or slightly verhanging the edge of the bench top.

Technical Specifications:

Model                 BSC-4FA2(4')
External Size (W*D*H)mm1383*775*2295

Internal Size (W*D*H)mm 

Work Surface Height750mm
Max Opening550mm (22'')   
Tested OpeningSafety height 200mm   (8'')
Inflow Airflow462m3/h(272cfm)
Down flow Airflow65%:863m3/h(507cfm)
Exhaust Airflow35%:462m3/h(272cfm)
Front WindowMotorized.   Two-layer laminated toughened glass ≥5mm. Anti UV
HEPA Filter   Two, 99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm, filter life indicator
Filter Guard TypeAluminum alloy frame
NoiseNSF 49≤67 dB/EN 12469≤65 dB
DisplayLCD Display
Waterproof Socket 2, Total consumption:≤500W
TapWater tap*1, Gas tap *1
Ground Resistance≤ 0.10Ω
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz;   110V±10%, 60Hz, Full load Amps: 9A, BTU/Hr: 1689
AlarmAbnormal airflow velocity; Filter replacement; Front window at   unsafe height.
DC MotorOne ECM motor, 110V& 220V acceptable, Speed adjustable,   high efficiency and low power consumption
MaterialWorking area: 304stainless steel/  Frame and Decorative Plate: cold-rolled steel   with anti-bacteria power coating
UV Lamp  30W, Germicidal UV lamp, Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient   decontamination
Illuminating Lamp18W*2   LED lamp
Standard AccessoryIlluminating lamp, UV lamp *2, Base stand, SS water & gas taps,   Drain valve, Waterproof sockets, Stainless Steel I.V. Bar with   10 hooks
Optional AccessoryArmrest, Airflow tester, Formalin fumigation sterilizer,   Infrared sterilizer, Electric height adjustable base stand,   Remote control
Package Size (W*D*H)mm1540*1080*1900
Gross Weight(kg)


Warranty3 years



Biosafety cabinet-MET certificate

Packing List

Name Quantity
BSC-4FA2 Main Body 1unit
BSC-4FA2 Base Stand 1set
UV Lamp (T6 30W) 1pc
Remote Control(Include   battery) 1pc
BSC-4FA2 User manual 1pc
Test report 1pc
Quality certification   card 1pc
Drain Valve 1set
Stainless steel hex cylinder   head bolt M10×205pcs
Stainless steel flat washer105pcs
Stainless steel spring washer   10 5pcs
Inner hexagon wrench 1pc
Big rubber gasket 1pc
Small rubber gasket 1pc
Motor control rod 1pc
Protective tube(12.5A)2pcs
Protective tube(6.3A) 3pcs
Protective tube(2.5A) 2pcs
Protective   tube(125Ma,110V)/Protective tube(63mA,220V)1pc

Pre-sales and After-sales service

Pre-sales service:
1. 24 hours online to ensure quick response to customers' inquiry or online message. 
2. Guide customers to choose the best suitable machine model.
3. Offer detailed specification and competitive prices.
4. Customization available for special specification products.
5. Sample testing support. View our Factory.


After-sales service:
1. Training how to install and use the machine. 
2.  available to service machinery overseas.
3. In response to customers technical problems.

4. 12-month warranty for most of products.

5. Your technicians can be trained by our company.

Lead Time

Lead time is about 3 to 5 working days from the date of receiving payment. Please allow an extension of lead time when sales hot season.

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