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Class I Negative Pressure Biosafety Cabinet With UV Light And HEPA Filter

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Price: $ 1320 / Unit

Product Description


Class I Biosafety Cabinet does not protect the product from contamination because un-purified room air constantly enters into work area. As a partical containment unit, the Class I Biosafety Cabinet is suitable for work involving low to moderate risk agents (Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3) where there is a need for containment, but not for product protection. With the negative pressure, personnel protection is made possible by constant movement of air into the work area.


1. UV lamp for sterilization.

2. Soft touch control panel, LCD display.

3. Energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise.

4. With memory function in case of power-failure.

5. One piece 304 stainless steel work stable, easy for cleaning.

6. Stable air flow system; provide firm protection to person and environment.

Installation Notice

Biological safety cabinets should be placed in a position where there should be no opposing wall and far away from ventilation system and air conditioner vent, so as to avoid the airflow impact caused by ventilation system, air conditioner, door, window and even the personnel movement. Also, avoid blocking the local switch door entrance; avoid opposing and placing in the wall corner. There should be at least 300mm of the side of the safety cabinet for checking.

Working environment:

(1) Only is suitable for indoor;

(2) Ambient temperature: 15℃35℃;

(3) Relative Humidity: ≤75%;

(4) Atmospheric pressure range: 70 kPa106 kPa;

(5) Electrical parameters: Consistent with the rated voltage of the biological safety cabinet 

(6) Power supply need to be grounded; (Judging method: testing the fire wire and the zero line of the power supply with multimeter, the fire wire to ground voltage should be grid voltage and the zero line to ground voltage should be 0, otherwise the power supply ground is bad);

Operation Notice

(1)Make sure input voltage is correct and stable. The rated load of main power socket should be higher than cabinet consumption. Plug must be well grounded;

(2)Principle of moving in different sample cabinet: Cabinet within two or more items needs to be moved, must follow the principle of low pollution items moving to high pollution objects, to avoid large area pollution of pollution items on the inner part of the cabinet body which generated in the process of moving. Moving objects has to follow the principle of slow moving at the same time;

(3)The weight of items placed in the cabinet should be no more than 23Kg/25*25 cm2

(4)Parallel arrangement of items: in order to avoid  cross contamination between items, items in the cabinet should be placed as far as possible in a horizontal word gesture to avoid cross contamination

(5)In order to avoid samples being sucked into the negative passage or the blower, do not place soft and slight samples (for example: soft tissue) on the surface during experiment;

(6)Avoid vibration: cabinet should avoid using vibration equipment (e.g. centrifuge, vortex oscillator) , articles remain in the membrane on the particulate matter may shake off because of vibration, resulting in decreasement of  the cleanliness within the operation area.

(7) No flame: No flame is allowed inside the cabinet. Using of fire will lead to airflow disorder, and filter damage.

(8) HEPA filter life: With the usage time increasing, dust and bacteria accumulate inside HEPA filter. Filter Resistance is getting bigger, when it reaches the maximum point, there will be audible and visual alarm. Please replace new HEPA filter, otherwise it will affect the safety performance of the equipment. The used filter should be processed as medical waste;

(9) There is a negative passage surrounding the work area, which is sealed strictly in the   factory. The operator is not allowed to remove or loose screws of those parts. If necessary, please contact service personal;

(10) The maximum storage period is one year. If the period is more than one year, performance test should be done.

Serious declaration: we will take no responsibility for risks caused by improper operation and man-made damages!


1. Power socket  2. Ground terminal  3. UV lamp 4. Rocker Switch 5 .Fluorescent lamp

6. Pneumatic spring 7. Side window glass 8. Base stand  9. Deck plate

10. Air separating boards 11.Front window 12 Control panel 13. Chimney fan

BYKG exhibition

BYKG-V disaplay




External Size(W*D*H)


Internal Size(W*D*H)


HEPA Filter

99.999% efficiency at 0.3 μm

Airflow Velocity



≤67 dB

Illuminating Lamp


Fluorescent lamp

UV Lamp


Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination

Power Consumption


Work surface Height



Universal caster

Main Body Construction

Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating

Work Table

304 stainless steel

Power Supply


Standard Accessory

Fluorescent lamp, UV lamp*2, Base stand

Optional Accessory

Electric height adjustable base stand

Gross Weight


Package Size(W*D*H)


WarrantyOne Year


Pre-sales service:
♥24 hours online to ensure quick response to customers' inquiry or online message.
♥Guide customers to choose the best suitable machine model.
♥Offer detailed specification and competitive prices.
♥Customization available for special specification products.
♥Sample testing support. View our Factory.


After-sales service:
♥Training how to install and use the machine.
♥ available to service machinery overseas.
♥In response to customers technical problems.

♥12-month warranty for most of products.

♥Your technicians can be trained by our company.


Lead time is about 3 to 5 working days from the date of receiving payment. Please allow an extension of lead time when sales hot season.

Packing List




Registration certificate number

Shandong machinery standard 20152410648

Power Supply AC

220V±10%  口         110V±10%  


50 Hz  口               60Hz  

External Size(W*D*H)


Working Zone Size(W*D*H)

968×695×630 mm


≤350 W

UV Lamp Consumption


HEAP Filter




Fluorescent lamp Consumption


Inflow Velocity


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